COMPLIMENTARY Web Sites for Japanese Reading Practice ( At Every Degree)

COMPLIMENTARY Web Sites for Japanese Reading Practice ( At Every Degree)

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COMPLIMENTARY Web Sites for Japanese Reading Practice ( At Every Degree)


Need to get better at Japanese?

Reading is among the most useful approaches to enhance your language abilities.

It’s especially essential to learn a great deal when you’re learning a language with a writing that is different, like Japanese.

Hiragana, katakana and kanji could be overwhelming in the beginning. But with enough reading training, reading these figures can be normal!

Reading consolidates all of that language and sentence structure you’ve invested all that time learning. It’s much easier to remember when you come across new words in a story or article.

And greatest of all of the, it is free!

Therefore if you’re wondering just how to discover Japanese efficiently, i must say i do suggest making regular time for you to read.

Here’s a range of good web sites for totally free Japanese reading practice on the web, whatever your degree:


If you’re a novice, you’ll probably would you like to stay glued to resources in hiragana just.

( maybe maybe perhaps Not yes exactly what hiragana is? First always check down my post on the best way to read Japanese for an instant introduction towards the Japanese writing systems! )

Children’s tales are perfect Japanese reading product for novices! Take to these sites to begin with:

This lovely website has several old-fashioned Japanese fairy stories. The tales are printed in very easy Japanese as well as have actually English interpretation line-by-line underneath. All Japanese kids grow up hearing these tales, so it will likely be ideal for you to definitely learn them to better understand Japanese tradition!

Hukumusume is another web site packed with conventional children’s stories that are japanese. It is a positively huge site and it is written for Japanese young ones (unlike the website above, that is written for Japanese language pupils), so that it could be a little difficult to navigate. I would recommend that novices start with this site which includes tales translated into English.

When you’ve look over those, it is possible to explore all of those other web web site right right here. A lot of them don’t have actually English translations, however they are written in quite simple Japanese (hiragana and katakana) to help you try it out at translating them your self! Year this page lists the stories by Japanese school. Begin with 1???? (1 st grade, which utilizes hiragana only) and progress up to 6 th grade as you discover more kanji! A number of the tales also provide sound or video clip songs.

EhonNavi is definitely a site that is amazing lets you read a huge selection of various Japanese children’s visualize publications, all 100% free! Unlike the aforementioned web internet sites, there are numerous contemporary publications (not merely conventional stories). You can easily browse publications by age, from 0 as much as 12. Yes, there are also publications for children in just 1 of 2 terms per web page, causeing this to be a resource that is great for complete novices!

Truly the only disadvantage is that you need to register. The whole website is in Japanese, therefore it’s a bit hard for novices. This web site has great guidelines with plenty of screenshots to obtain put up.

It’s unusual to find reading materials for newbies that aren’t children’s books, but it was found by how to find an asian woman to marry me! This website posts really brief news articles. You are able to click the buttons towards the top to switch between romaji, hiragana, and complete Japanese (with kanji). You could download a pdf associated with the article if you wish to write records. Key language is placed in English below. The ‘Headline News’ section contains really articles that are short novices. The ‘News of Japan’ part has slightly longer articles. Just the most article that is recent each part is present 100% free. You can buy account to see the archives.

Another supply for Japanese children’s visualize books online. This web site just isn’t therefore user-friendly, but we included it being a additional resource in instance you have got issues with the above mentioned web sites. Simply click on a graphic to attend the guide. Then click the‘next’ that is yellow at the most effective to show the pages. One issue with this particular site is the fact that writing is a picture file, and that means you can’t duplicate and paste terms to check in a dictionary. It is possible to raise the text size through the website.


During the intermediate degree, you’ll be able to know much longer sentences and much more difficult works. You could read some kanji. You’ll need some reading resources that introduce these options that come with the language, however you nevertheless require a little bit of assistance understanding brand new terms.

We have just the thing for you personally! Here are a few web web sites for Japanese reading practice for intermediate pupils:

Watanoc is just a ‘free internet mag in easy Japanese’. The title originates from ‘wa’ (Japanese) ‘tanoshii’ (enjoyable). This has plenty of articles of various lengths and various levels, so that it’s suitable from novices to intermediate. The subjects consist of meals, tradition, activities and news that is funny. After each and every name, it lets you know the JLPT that is approximate level (N5 could be the simplest). Additionally, it will pop up with an explanation in English if you hover your mouse over a word! Strongly suggested for top novices and lower intermediate.

Hirogaru is really a site that is cute Japanese learners. This has brief texts and videos on several different subjects. In particular, it’s plenty of articles on old-fashioned Japanese tradition, such as for instance calligraphy, tea ceremony and fighting styles. You can find language listings (with English translations) of key phrases for every subject.

Matcha is an awesome Japanese travel and tradition mag. It’s obtainable in 8 various languages, including a simple Japanese variation! Like NHK Information internet effortless, it will always use kanji but with furigana (pronunciation guides) above. A lot of the articles can be found in English too. The English can be read by you variation a short while later to test your understanding (use the fall down club towards the top to alter the language). Be mindful however, since the translations aren’t constantly the exact same word-for-word.

This can be a weblog about numerous components of everyday activity in Japan. Each paragraph is written in Japanese, with interpretation in English underneath. A little quantity of posts have actually French translations, too. You can easily elect to turn the furigana (pronunciation guide for kanji) on or down. Unfortuitously your blog is not any longer updated, but there are lots of several years of articles to see through.

Yomimaru is really a blog that is great stocks links and resources for Japanese reading training, plus it has some initial articles in simple Japanese. You can easily search by topic or by JLPT degree. Ideal for intermediate and beginners that are upper so long as you understand hiragana and katakana. Seek out articles into the category JLPT N5 if you’re lower level.

NHK is Japan’s nationwide news solution. On this web site, it is possible to read NHK’s top news tales every day in easy Japanese. It’s aimed at Japanese school that is elementary, along with foreigners learning Japanese. Your website has furigana (pronunciation guides) from the kanji, and Japanese dictionary definitions that appear when you hover over a word. A number of the stories have actually videos too. Your website has a few stories that are new day. This is a good site for you if you enjoy reading about current affairs.

Brief news articles, school classes, games and bulletin panels in easy Japanese, directed at primary college kids. There’s absolutely no furigana from the kanji which means this could be a bit advanced for a few users.

Hiragana circumstances is really a mag that posts articles about Japan in easy Japanese with furigana, alongside an English translation. You need to subscribe for complete access, you could read a sample that is free right here. If you’d like to subscribe you can find electronic and printed variations. You can read complete test articles in the main internet site, but without furigana. You are able to switch between English and Japanese from the drop-down menu at the very top to compare translations.

A little assortment of Japanese fairy tales with furigana, sound, vocabulary listings and English translations. You are able to have fun with the sound at different speeds, which means this can be a site that is useful practise reading aloud and focus on your pronunciation! The texts that are japanese kanji and a bit more complex compared to children’s tales when you look at the novice part above.



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